Bobby Knight Motivational Speech Lyrics

"You don't wanna play, then I'm getting the f___ out of here. I mean, if you're not gonna cover Greg Graham, if you're just gonna let him drive by you, if the rest of you are gonna let him catch the ball outside the 3 second lane and drive all the way in here without one guy challenging him, then I'm leaving and you f___ing guys will run 'til you can't eat supper. (wird lauter) Now I'm tired of this s___. I'm sick and f___ing tired of an 8-10 record. I'm f___ing tired of losing to Purdue. I'm not here to f___ around this week. Now you may be, but I'm not. Now I'm gonna f___ing guarantee ya, that if we don't play up there Monday night, you aren't gonna believe the next four f___ing days. Now I am not here to get my a__ beat on Monday. Now you better f___in understand that right now. This is absolute f___ing bullshit. Now I'll f___ing run your a__ right into the ground. I mean I'll f___ing run you, you'll think last night was a f___ing picnic. I had to sit around for a f___ing year with an 8-10 record in this f___ing league. And I mean you will not put me in that f___ing position again. Or you will g______ pay for it like you can't f___ing believe. Now you better get your head out of your a__."

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