Andrew Lloyd Webber She Is A Diamond Lyrics

It's all very well--to a certain extent
For the lady at the side of the President
To show an interest in affairs
But let's not be blind to the drift of events
She's eclipsing the strength of the government
She should return to below stairs
She will never win our hearts
She's a woman for a start
She holds no elected post
She's an ornament at most

What's new Buenos Aires? Your nation, which a few years
ago had the second largest gold reserves in the world, is
bankrupt! A country which grew up and grew rich on
beef is rationing it! La Prensa, one of the few newspapers
which dares to oppose Peronism, has been silenced, and
so have all other reasonable voices! I'll tell you what's
new Buenos Aires!

PERON (to OFFICERS; CHE has gone)
But on the other hand--she's all they have
She's a diamond in their dull gray lives--and that's the
Hardest kind of stone--it usually survives
And if you think about it, can you recall
The last time they loved anyone at all?

She's not a bauble you can brush aside
She's been out doing what we just talked about--example
Gave us back our businesses, got the English out
And when you think about it--well why not do
One or two of the things we promised to?

But on the other hand she's slowing down
She's lost a little of that magic drive--but I would
Not advise her critics present to derive
Any satisfaction from her fading star
She's the one who's kept us where we are

She's the one who's kept you where you are

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