The Flower Kings Bavarian Skies Lyrics

Goodnight, goodbye, auf wiedersehen
Now time has come for sleep
May god forgive me if I dwell
Once more in glorious dreams
For 50 years I've lived in exile
They'd like to see me swing

I've moved around to escape the lies
I've turned away from those hateful clowns
Jealous and greedy, star of David
We made them kneel
But still their god couldn't save'em
Goodbye, finito, the final solution is real

Goodnight, goodbye, auf wiedersehen
Now time has one more dream
I dream of old Bavarian skies
And mountain views beneath
I loved my country just like you
But times turned out so strange, so strange

Someone may claim I was evil
Now even notorious, now that's a lie
There is no smoke without fire
Them jews they are liars, now we have proved
Such an excellent scapegoat, let's move them
They're better off where we sent them

Germany was going bad, all wrong
So we asked our god for a strong man
To give back the glory land
That was the dawn, the beginning of impact
We felt so strong, how could we all be wrong
For once god's glory shone over Germany
No more defeat, there's no more retreat
So unified, we were all so proud
We were "über alles"
What a glorious feeling of power

Goodnight, goodbye, auf wiedersehen

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