The Flower Kings Blue Planet Lyrics

Got a perfect view
From here in the voyage window room
Blue planet, sleeping beauty
The place that we call home
From here you can detect no borders
To me it looks the same
One world, one until under the sun

Let's leave it, don't get closer
I fear what we might find
Up from here it looks so peaceful
From the innocent blue sky

There's a view of constant beauty
That time and man can't change
Just mind to keep the distance now
And your impressions will remain
You want to keep the dream forever
You never wanna leave
I wish that everyone could see
And feel the way I feel

The more you look, the more you try
The more you free the inner eye
There's a mountain we could climb

Got a perfect view from here
From a window in the sky
You ain't going nowhere now
You want but cannot fly
Sometimes it feels like god has left us
But you never can be sure
You're stuck with us and your dreams
Inside revolving (hotel) doors

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