DIM - Nauka i Multimedia 02 Lesson one Ex 2 Lyrics

[ar:DIM - Nauka i Multimedia]
[ti:02 Lesson one Ex 2]
[00:03]Exercise two
[00:05]Listen and repeat.
[00:11]Our shop ran at a loss at first but now it runs at a profit.
[00:23]Our finances are in a very bad shape.
[00:32]I wouldn't invest in a falling market.
[00:40]I'm going to put some money into this business.
[00:49]After long negotiations we closed the deal.
[00:56]Our manager is known for his sharp practices.
[01:07]Jack is just a sleeping partner in this company.
[01:17]We couldn't avoid a takeover by a bigger company.
[01:28]The company went bankrupt as it didn't pay off its debts.
[01:40]He made a lot of money in property speculations.
[01:50]Unexpectedly Peter was in the money.
[01:59]In our family my husband is the only wage earner.
[02:10]Susan made her living as a writer.
[02:17]You have to be well-off to afford holidays in exotic places.
[02:28]Susan tightened her belt and cut down on unnecessary things.

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