Legacy Five Unless Lyrics

VS 1
Unless the Father looked down out of love
and saw us in depths we could not rise above.
Unless He saw fit to send His only son
to undo the damage that our sin had done.
Unless a lamb is led to the slaughter
and upon the altar the sacrifice made.
Unless He saved the sons and the daughters
with blood that flowed from Him that day.
I tremble to think but with joy I confess
my soul would be lost.....unless.
VS 2
Unless the cross had not held Him so high
up from the earth as if mocking the sky
Unless He was willing to die in my place...
then I would not know this most wonderful grace.
Joel Linsey and Aaron Smith 2004 Paragon Music Corp/ Vacation Boy Music/ASCAP
(admin by Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.)/Sunset Gallery Music/BMI

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