amber Amber - This Is Your Night Lyrics

Dah dah dah dah dad, ditita ta tay

This is your night,
Dancing free until the morning light
Together forever 'cause, this is your night
And everything is gonna be alright

Aww yeah, so in love with you
Aww yeah, it's too good to be true
Aww yeah, feelin' so brand-new, aww yeah

Eee-yeah, eee-yeah
Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

You captured my heart, you're the key to my life
A vision of our love, that made me survive
Regaining the mood, that we're in, it's so real
It's time to move up, and to face what I feel, oohh

(repeat 1, 2)

Tonight with my spirits, the one that you call
I'm ready to stand up, and ready to fall
I can't find a way, so attracted by you
Let me be your girl, and I'll be so true, ooh

(rpt 1, 2)

Dadadadadada, ditaitaidai...

(rpt 1, 2)

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