Armory Heart Of Dreams Lyrics

music: Joe Kurland

Solo: Chad

This driving force I have inside
It lets my dreams forever guide
Can't live no more with this reality
On golden wings I will defy
This savage world condemned to die
My soul will live for all eternity

Somehow my consciousness was born
Senses unite and now I know
Feel the strength within me
I'll create my destiny

Heart of dreams
Guide me on
The future waits to be
It's up to me
Heart of dreams
Living the way that I want
I will set my spirit free

Night after night, dreaming again, still searching
Rising purely to the source of light
Realize the truth and don't look back, flame burning
There's a meaning and it's always in sight

Search deep inside of yourself
Hope a new age will reveal

Solo: Chad

Sometimes it's hard to follow your way
And never to give in
Better to try than just fade away...
There is no choice

Solo: Joe

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