Lil' Wanye American Superstar Lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Look at me b____
Look at me b____
Look at me b____
I'm an American superstar..

I got guns for the snitches
Roses for the b____es
Hop up out the whip
paparazzi takin pictures
[Lil Wayne]
I got guns for the snitches
And roses for the b____es
Hoppin out the whip
paparazzi takin pictures

Heavy metal for dem boys
pretty petals for dem gals
got an appetite for destruction
you can call me axel
ask me bout what a n##### done done
ask me bout what a n##### do will?
ask me bout where the bricks come from
that's what a snitch n##### do that tell
i don't want nothin to do with that bill?
if it's selected I'm bringin them shells
only position for me is a player
that's right playa better get it right playa
...i'm blowin my trees
come on my nerve, no regular me
no somebody shorty with me on my knees
i'm ready if it's a problem
she s__y flo-rida holla
come test me get that ..
get messy just like a mobster
my broads deserve lobster
...deserve choppas
you serve like jimmy hopper
american showstopper


[Lil Wayne]
Young moolah baby
I got money on money on money on money
on top of more money on top of my s___ like flies
open that ferrari f 5 like eyes up and down ocean drive
jumpin up out that maybach with a b____ way back to tease them thighs
she got a tattoo on her booty and it say 305
DJ Khaled say it's a movie now don't forget your lines,
Cause you dont want me to edit before we roll the credits
b____ give me my credit
i'm so energetic
i'm f**kin like a rabbit smokin on lettuce
whatever i want i get it
i meant it if i said it
and i say i keep it pumpin i aint talkin unletted
if you want it come get it
cause boy i'm ready
i get that fast fetty they should call me tom petty
got two b____es one peanut b___er one jelly
i'm a american gangster already


[Lil Wayne]
I'm an american superstar
I'm an american superstar
baby I'm an american superstar

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