never_forget_me_(feat._akon) shazm Lyrics

(feat. Akon)

I'm gonna make sure you never forget me


Going through these struggles everyday on this pavement
In every hood I see 'em doing the same
There's a lot of haters that don't want me to make it
All I want is for you to remember my name
So that you'll never forget me
So that you'll never forget me
So that you'll never forget me
So that you'll never forget me

When I'm dead and gone they're gonna remember me as being one of the livest
Genuine ghetto survivors when they gain terror inside
I pop in their mind, a silent killer
Straight out the ghetto a grimy n____
I could kill 'em, when I get in them
n____s never knew what'd hit 'em
For what we done did on these streets
And what we done spit on these records
We take 'em and put 'em on beats
And we give 'em back no question
Granddaddy of the mid-west
Crazy Jackson
The lyrical serial killer
I fell 'em, the innocent is asking about the mind I master
When it comes to the rhyme I'm faster than half of these n____s rapping
When it comes to the grind I'm mashing
No time for second chances
And when it all goes down and they put me in my grave
"f___ 'em all" across my tombstone and bury me with my gauge


My reputation is solid gold
And my street cred is all polished y'all
Known as the little boss hog in the hood
Boy in my hood I'm a superstar
n____s in the past try to hold a n____ down
But I put in my work and checked it checked it
Now these n____s respect it
Knowing I'm the wrong one they wanna mess with
From the gutter
With my brothers
Knowing on these ghetto streets they don't love us
Ducking these undercovers
These m_________ers doing everything to try and bust us
But these suckers, know they can't touch us
They envy deep in they hearts
n____ if they ever try to rush
n____ they know we gonna rip 'em apart
n____s go hard, from the start
n____ this ? is my bodyguard
f___ with mine and I'll charge
Little crazy-a__ n____ at large
Pulling cars, on these lanes
n____ I never let go of my heat
Stand up man on his feet
Little Lazyie Bone on this beat n____


What I got to do for you not to forget who bought you with that straight thug spit
Sped up a little bit with gangsta talk with that harmony all over it hey!
Bones sing, and mixed in with that street talk
And then the lazy ? get their creep on
Ad he went home, but it's all good
He left the right ones an he's still in the hood
Rest in peace, like him when I die I hope they remember me
Thats why I know I gotta reach you with these beats
It's not for nothing remember the thugs for the songs that we sung
And making it through that struggle, that struggle
It ain't easy believe me, we bleeding believe it
Still going with that hustle, getting stronger so they remember me

[Chorus x2]

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