Lil' Wayne ft. T-Pain Lollipop Remix Lyrics

Hey pretty lady
2009 (lollipop)
We already ahead man we crazy for this one
(Licky licky licky... licky licky licky... licky don't stop)
Ay gabriel antonio man was happning
Gabriel antonio (ohoooo)
Doing big things man they see ya
Go get em
Hey hey hey this is the remix
Hey pretty lady (haha)
I am the 80's favorite

Shawty wanna f**k call it making love
I know she wanna touch me tell me that she like and she can't get enough [repeat]

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I ran into this shawty the other day her a__ slow
Make me bust it open as if I was in her mouth
She say she like my swagg I can tell she from the south
I beat that p____ up guarentee to knock it out
They don't even know me but I stay on my grind
Running this s___ since 1985
We be chang... e... ing come outside
I call pot watts tell em haters get in line
One way ticket to the top about my
Lil with the deal with the remix on my
Gabriel antonio they say it all the time
Yeah I blew up yeah I love the way u lieing


[Verse 2:]
I'm puppet master got a stalker gotta go
So please don't lick it fast lil mama lick it slow
And while u take it slow tip that booty up some more
And when u finish me next is gabriel antonio (hey pretty lady)
She said her man can't do it like us
She never heard the auto tune used like us
The other n____s try they can't do it like us
They act like dey don't see us we just keep it hush hush
So I say just lick my lollipop baby lick my lollipop (lick my lollipop)
Lick my lollipop you can lick my lollipop
Lick my lollipop baby licky licky licky lick
Licky licky licky licky licky don't stop


[Verse 2:]
Haha I make money dude got a million comming soon
Now ere body tlkin bout I wish I was you
My song is number one and ain't never gonna move
Reson how you wine and I freak u when you wine
She say she number one and I hear her all the time
n____z on point don't wanna see me shine
My middle finger up like it up I get mine
But they don't even know it I'm the next one in line
She say she like my hustle playing one a rick ross
Pueto rican t-pain and I swaggin like a boss
Severly D County dats where it's made
My lollipop flavor look like pink lemonade


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