NO95 Lyrics

9448: A: Let's all go out to eat something tonight, okay?
B: That's fine, but I don't want to go anywhere expensive.
9449: A: You want to go and watch a game tonight ? I have tickets to the basketball game.
B: Sure, I would love to go. At what time is the game and who is playing?
9450: I never want to have another experience like that. I've had one too many.
9451: That guy is a pain in the neck. Every time I see him he either wants to tell me his troubles or borrow some money.
9452: Apple polishers are a pain in the neck to conscientious teachers.
9453: Phil's plans to go to Europe fell through at the last minute.
9454: The new actor played up perfectly to Humphrey Bogart's performance.
9455: I refuse to play up to the section chief or anyone else just to get a promotion.
9456: I'm not going to put up with the noise from that factory any longer. If the city office refuses to act, I'm going to sue.
9457: The police caught the thief red-handed.
9458: It is my duty as a teacher to keep a tight rein on my pupils.
9459: Maybe they're not really serious about doing business with us. Maybe they're just taking us for a ride.
9460: You'd best keep a low profile until you know the ropes.
9461: Jim hoped to enter Harvard University, but he decided to play it safe by applying to two other universities as well.
9462: That's not a very reliable newspaper. I always take its reporting with a grain of salt.
9463: My wife is the jealous type. If I so much as look at another woman, she starts making a scene.
9464: You look like a fellow who knows what the score is. How'd you like to make a quick buck?
9465: I've never baked a cake from scratch.
9466: A: If you won't sell it to me for a hundred dollars, how about two hundred?
B: Now you're starting to talk sense.
9467: It's too bad you caught a cold, but it serves you right for going out without a coat on.
9468: Our department had a brainstorming session yesterday to try to come up with some new marketing ideas.
9469: That was a close shave. You almost hit that car.
9470: Uncle Ned was always considered the black sheep of our family. He refused to go to college or to enter Grandfather's company. He finally ran off to Australia and become a sheep rancher.
9471: The little girl took a shine to the old man from the first day they met in the park.
9472: If I were in his shoes, I'd resign.
9473: Oh, I'm sorry, I stepped into your shoes by mistake.
9474: I'm tired of dating Jim. He spends most of the time talking shop.
9475: I'm sick and tired of your complaining.
9476: j__an sided with Germany against the Allies in World War II.
9477: Never take sides in another family's argument.
9478: Be careful of what you say to Mr. Johnson. He's very quick to take offense.
9479: You shouldn't be so slow to take offense at what people say about you. They'll think you have no backbone.
9480: I know what Mr. Brown said is right, but I couldn't help taking offense at the way he said it.
9481: I'd like to listen to some music. A little Brahms would hit the spot tonight.
9482: It was only a half-hour lecture, so the speaker just hit the high points.
9483: I think I'll take a stab at this crossword puzzle.
9484: Tom is in charge of setting the stage for the new play.
9485: You were very brave to stand up to the boss like that.
9486: Jack and Jill have been going steady with each other for over a year.
9487: I refuse to be in the same room with that woman. She turns my stomach.
9488: To make a long story short, despite all my efforts I failed the entrance exam.
9489: I've put up with your missing so many deadlines because your work is so good, but this is the last straw. You'll get no more work from me.
9490: We decided by drawing straws.
9491: George has been living on easy street ever since his latest book became a best seller.
9492: Jack is going to pull a few strings to see if he can't get me a management position in his company.
9493: I'm stuck on my income tax form. It's too hard for me to figure out.
9494: These math problems are all really tough. I'm already stuck on the second one.
9495: I'm not familiar with Chinese customs, so I'll just watch what you do and follow suit.
9496: China and America have started a new cultural exchange program, but it won't be in full swing until next year.
9497: It's difficult for the immigration service to keep tabs on the activities of all the foreigners in the country.
9498: The bully turned tail and run as soon as my big brother appeared.
9499: I realize now how foolish I was to give him the money, but I was completely taken in by his apparent sincerity.
9500: I was quite taken with his idea at first, but after further consideration, I don't believe it would be very practical.
9501: The saying "Lightning never strikes twice in the same place" is a dangerous old wives' tale that has brought death to many people.
9502: You'd better not talk back to the judge. He'll throw the book at you.
9503: People won't like you if they sense you are talking down to them.
9504: Angela's new Broadway play is the talk of the town in New York now.
9505: The students came armed to the teeth with dictionaries, reference books, notebooks and pencils.
9506: I guess I'm just thick-headed. The teacher explained this math problem to me twice and I still don't understand it.
9507: I'm not interested in making a lot of money. I just want to do my thing and be left alone by the world.
9508: I wish I could help you fix your car, but I'm afraid I don't know the first thing about engines.
9509: I was tempted to forget my studies and go to a movie tonight, but then I thought better of it.
9510: I had never particularly liked that university, but after visiting the campus I thought better of it.
9511: Dad turned thumbs down on my using the car.
9512: The company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but our desperate effort to improve sales finally, little by little, began to turn the tide.
9513: I'm so tied down by housework that I don't get out much these days.
9514: I'm tied up with a previous appointment this afternoon. How about tomorrow?
9515: It's high time the government did something about the employment problem.
9516: Since I arrived an hour early, I killed time by taking a walk in a nearby park.
9517: People were standing here and there passing the time of day.
9518: There was absolutely no reason why they couldn't have signed the contract right away. They were only playing for time in hopes of making a better deal elsewhere.
9519: A: Do you know the answer to the riddle, Jane?
B: Wait! Don't tell me. I have it right on the tip of my tongue.
9520: If you want to transfer one of your men to another department, even temporarily, you'd best do it through the personnel office. Otherwise, they'll accuse you of stepping on their toes.
9521: The offer they were making me was almost too good to be true. I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't seem to find my tongue.
9522: Jane is a nice girl, but she has a sharp tongue when she is angry.
9523: If I could get rid of my sweet tooth, maybe I could lose some weight.
9524: When my father learned that I had smashed a fender on the car, he blew his top.
9525: The student meetings are so noisy that the speaker has to shout at the top of his lung in order to be heard.
9526: The Democratic Party's presidential candidate finally threw in the towel feeling that he no longer had any chance of being elected.
9527: The contract is still up for grabs; but if we can get an introduction from Mr. Heely, we'll have an inside track.
9528: It's hard to keep track of all the new popular songs these days.
9529: I try to keep track of all my old college classmates.
9530: The police followed the suspect as far as Chicago. There they lost track of him.
9531: I don't have a screw driver, but this ruler should do the trick.
9532: That old Mr. Jones never gives us anything when we go tricking or treating at his house, so we always soap his car windows.
9533: The boss has warned us that he's going to start firing inefficient workers. You're just asking for trouble by coming in late every morning.
9534: A: Why did you hit him?
B: He asked for it, so I just gave it to him.
9535: You've got to face up to life. You can't forever be trying to drown your troubles in drink.
9536: If you blow your own trumpet so often, no one else will blow it for you.
9537: The machine should be OK now. Let's give it a try.
9538: I think I'd like to have a try at playing tennis.
9539: Jim is going to try out for the baseball team.
9540: He who pays the piper calls the tune.
9541: June used to be very critical of the way we raised our children, but when she became a mother herself, she began to change her tune.
9542: A: Thank you for helping me.
B: Don't mention it. You helped me out the other day, and one good turn deserves another.
9543: I'm sorry if I seem slow on the uptake, but I don't understand the reason for your objection to my plan.
9544: The ruling party took a dim view of the opposition party's tax revision proposal.
9545: My husband waited up for Tim until twelve o'clock last night.
9546: Helen is so timid that she lets her husband walk all over her.
9547: The champ tried to make a comeback, but it was clear from the first round that he was all washed up.

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