Ensign The Spark Lyrics

Let this be the spark, let it burn within your heart
Fuel it with your hate, never let it die
Watch it as it grows, consuming everything in sight

Here I sit holding my heart in my hands
Looking at its subtleties, the differences
How did I let it change, when did I lose my faith?
Did I pick this up just to throw it down, to turn and walk away?

You can tell me, you can tell me that I'm being crazy But I'm not
I'm just trying to understand when and where i gave up And why i stopped caring

Who do i turn to if I came to you and you said this is where it ends?
Can I forgive you, could you forgive me?
So now i swear with fists clenched
With every last breath, to make this my promise

Let this be the spark
Let it burn within my heart
Fuel it with my hate
Never let it die
To fight to keep this fire in my heart, for now and forever, this is what i believe!

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