Hi-C Bullshit Lyrics

[ VERSE 1: Hi-C ]
Bullshit, that's the t__le of this s___
And when you hear bullshit, you say that s___ hit
Now quit, don't try to f___ with this
I just drunk some gin, I gotta take a p___
Mmh... Ahh... what a relief
All up in a girl I just released my beef
I keep huffin and puffin until I come
Yo b____, give up the p____ and don't play (dumb)
For your body you know I been cravin
The last couple of weeks my lunch money I been savin
To get your a__ in a motel
My d___ is steady poundin and you're the scale
So weigh me, wait, I'm about to strip
Take off them clothes, so I can rip
That coochie, I know you wanna give it to me
But hey hoe, don't try and do me
I'm cool and patiently I been waitin
Skanless stuck-up b____es, them's the ones I be hatin
And when it's time to get a d___-pack
They always come with that s___ty act
(I'm sorry Hi-C, we can't go out tonight)
f___ that s___, y'all make a n____ wanna fight
So hey what's up, it's gon' be like that?
I ain't gon' ask you no more, I'm about to jack
Now take off your clothes and lay down flat
Cause that big fat p____ I got to crack
She took off her jeans, body lookin real pretty
I made a mistake when I asked to see the t__ties
She ripped off her bra, didn't have no fear
That s___ was slappin, clappin, flappin like elephant ears
I said "d___" they big as f___
A little bit too big for Hi-C to suck
So I thought for a minute without makin a sound
It'd take at least ten minutes for me to wrestle 'em down
Threw back on her bra, tied it up in a knot
Slapped her on the padlock and said, "Now let me see your c___"
She said, "Ah-a, stop boy, that's enough, I quit"
Now how would you feel if I just slapped you, b____?
I'm hittin harder than a bullet, my rhymes don't quit
I'm Hi-C, hoe, so stop poppin that bullshit

(Come on y'all, say it
Y'all n____z thought I was sellin out
Say it
Keep slingin that funky s___
How we do

[ VERSE 2: Hi-C ]
The bullshti I write is the ultimate
Not the counterfeit, but the legit s___
Now trip, I'm the writer of this script
It'll make ya hop because it's so d___ hip
Bullshit is like a thief, it'll run from your a__
It's sort of like diarrhea, just splishedy-splash
Bullshit is bad, it'll rough you up
Like a b____ with the drips it'll f___ you up
But then again it's tasty like beef
Like a b____ suckin your d___ without no teeth
Feel good, now don't you want that feelin?
Big bullshit, that's the stuff that I'm dealin
When I'm bullshittin, here's what I do
Roll up a fat joint, grab a 40 or two
Crack open a bottle and get to down that s___
I turn on the TV, watch some nasty flicks
Now when you bullshit you're not similar to Crawf
You're locked up in the bathroom jackin off
With a g______ nasty book inside your hand
That bullshit is for the average man
The men I know, hey, they like to f___
Like to lick on some t__ties or get they d___ sucked
That type of s___ goes on in life
Where you bust a couple fo kids go get you a wife
I'm the hip-hop hazard Hi-C
And I will never quit, that's just the itsy-bit
Of the bullshit

You know how I'm doin it
Y'all n____z can't fade this
Steady rollin with the punches
You know what I'm sayin?

(Oh Hi-C, oh, your music be b__pin, boy
You got it going on
I know you're makin money now
With your cute self
Ahm, just let me know what you want me to do for you?)

[ VERSE 3: Hi-C ]
I want you to f___ me and suck me and never stop lickin
(Ah-a, I ain't finna do all that) Nah, I'm just bullshittin
Cause deep down I really love ya
Hey girl, I ain't lyin, I put that on ( ? )
Now what I say might sound like drag
But I hope this bullshit don't make you mad
I know I promised you some money for you to fix your nails
But it always seem like we goin to the motel
But hey baby, I can handle this
All my homeboys say I'm so m____fuckin skanless
That it's a g______ shame
And young girls shouldn't be allowed to mention my name
So what, I don't care, I don't give a f___
Cause when it comes to p____ I just line 'em up
I f___ one, then I say who's next
Hi-C get mo' p____ than a g______ Kotex
A Rough Rider when I'm f___in a hoe
I drop my d___ like Macho Man dropped the elbow
There's no age limit that I f___
But I prefer you to be 13 on up
I been servin bullshit, now have you got your share?
Quik, tell me was it funky? (Aw, f___ yeah)

And we just bullshittin
Y'all n____z know
Cause I'm takin over
Tony-A in the house
We doin it
And the beat goes on
That old gangster s___
All the n____z in my neighborhood
Y'all n____z stay up
I ain't forgot about y'all
Yeah, all the homies
We gon' flow on
Born in Louisiana, n____, raised in Compton
Y'all know what's up

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