N B Ridaz Baby Girl Lyrics

I just wanna let you know that this one's for my baby, baby, baby girl

This is for my baby girl
Because you never let me down
She's my only girl (you are my world)
This is my baby girl
For my baby girl
(cause you and I were meant to be together, forever my baby girl)

Hey I been looking all my life
trying to catch sumtin I could call my wife (I could call my wife)
I been through a few but I know this gon' last (why?)
Cause she dun even care bout what I did in the past (oh)
I do some dirt she coming wit me (she comin wit me)
I go to jail she'll come and get me (Come and get me)
Bail me out and get me back on my feet (Back on my feet)
Same night I'll be back on the street (On the street)
From day one I was in love with your game
Let's buy a house and put it in yo name (Yo name)
See I got problems from tax evasion (I.R.S.)
But you bank account is so amazing (So amazing)
My ex broads used to flip they lids (Flip they lids)
But you dun even trip
You'll even watch my kids (Watch my kids)
About the s__ it's Oh so groovy
Let's live happily ever after like they do in the movies (In the movies)


In my joy in my pain when I'm wit you I'm high
WIthout you der ma leaves me aching inside
When I'm gone there you are back bone for support
If I was broke I already know that you would put in some work
Do anything for you baby, anything for your papi
Send shouts at anybody, take the rap if they on me
And my name over your kitty signifies that your mine
Little cursive fast letters spelling out Gemini
In the dark love sparks
Thug love in your heart
Not making love to Al Green s___ we b__pin Tu Pac
Cause I'm a rider, you my rider
We gonna be together til somebody diesuh
And god willing it won't be for a while
But if tomorrow never comes let me cherish this now
And this one here it ain't for the world
Hell nah This is for my baby girl whu?


You kept it real never was frontin
Got wit me when I was less then nothing
Didn't care that I was sleeping in mi caruha
You always knew it would be better in tha futua
Bought me clothes before I hit the road
Atm and cash she would let me hold
Never wanted your boy out yo life that
We broke up a few times but you'd always took me right back
I got caught a couple of times
You even help me write a couple of rhymes
Laced me up wit my espanol
A million dollars we gon' reach that goal
You stuck by me through thick and thin
Never pressused me to get up off the gin
We was happy just livin in the ghetto
Always made me feel like sumtin baby te quiero


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