N B Ridaz ft Dyablo Something About You Baby Lyrics

*N.B. Ridaz
Magic, N.B. Ridaz
hooking up with dyablo
for the mamacitas(to all those pretty girls)
what's going on pretty girl?(preetty girl this one's for you)
hey I want to talk to you girl come here (this one's for you and for youuuu!)
let me tell you something. Check this out.

* Chorus [N.B. Ridaz]
Something about you baby drives me crazy
something about this pretty girl(something about you girl) blows my mind baby(eres todo)
something about you baby drives me crazy
something of this pretty girl come on, come on) blows my mind.

*N.B. Ridaz*
Si tu supieras lo que siento
cada vez que me pongo a pensar en todos los momentos
all the good times we had me and you, you and I. Hot summer nights making love in July.
The only girl that didn't give it on the first night
una mujer incomparable, am in love for life
Me cautivaste with your ways and all the things you do
My pretty girl I gotta make it work with you
Tell the world; tell your girls, and your family.
Con este anillo te prometo you're my everything,
cuz nobody's ever made me feel the way you do.
I just dropped you of, already miss you.
Chica bonita sonrisa sincera,
I want to be with you hasta que me muera(that's right)
let's make a pact and always be together.
With you by my side, girl am down for whatever.

* Chorus

Solo una vez en la vida y el amor te toca el alma.
Un sentimiento limpio que hasta el dolor te calma.
Siempre estuviste conmigo en las buenas y en las malas conmigo,
Solo Dios y tu son mi testigos.
Inolvidables momentos que juntos pasamos,
y los problemas mas fuertes juntos arreglamos. Incomparable mujer, a ti yo pertenecer.
Contigo yo fallecer juntos como un solo ser.
Una preciosa mujer que siempre está a mi lado.
Que en el dolor y las tristezas me haz acompañado.
Quieres mi vida te la entrego si es lo necesario.
Pues en mi mente y corazón te tengo yo del diario. Te haz encrustado tu en mi corazón.
Como un implante eres mi salvación
Eres mi todo mi razón de ser,
de la creación la perfección una bella mujer.

* Chorus

*N.B. ridaz*
You stood out from your group from across the room.
I had to keep my attention on you(hello)
something about that pretty face that pretty smile.
You couldn't help it to get lost in those pretty eyes.
YEAh! this girl she had it all the type of woman that you take to mama
and say look what I've found.
Love and companionship
someone to talk trought this rough times who ain't afraid to handle
it and understands
that my life is diffrent and eccepts it.
This isn't even what I expect it.
Yeah she's beautiful inside and out something hard to find in the
world this days.
Even on my worst days she got me happy like a kid waking up on
his birthday(yeah!)
this love was diffrent it was based on friendship
am letting you know am rady to ride out with you.

* Chorus

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