Big D If We Want To Lyrics

I could not ever see myself packing up and taking off just to fall asleep and work again
I will not count my sleep hours Let 'em all just have me all groggy and incoherent I just met a crazy girl who's sane so i'm not about to leave just yet
Only an idiot would say "right on i'll see ya" Just to go home and think what coulda been.
We've both finished ripping off all the labels on the pantry cans
We've all succeeded hurling the tv still plugged in down the front stairs.
So Why not

Cuz we can stay if we want to

She could not ever think of leaving everyone she knows is never all in the same place
the 8 hours she spends hardly working with this she would gladly replace
All she wants is what we want free time laughing with no designated end
she told me "i will not be a slave to time, time must learn to roll with me" So why not

Cuz we don't care like they do

It cannot stop too many of us laughing each other on we cannot stop we need more trouble before the night is gone
So why not


So why not
Cuz we don't care like they do Cuz I'm not gonna stay as long as you do.

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