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Last night, Add and I watched an episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". It is a TV show staring 5 gay guys. Each episode they take a typical straight guy who needs tips on fashion, grooming, and interior design. Yesterday's episode was hilarious! A guy from Colorado and a girl from New York City were dating online for 6 months. This show was about preparing both of them for their first meeting. Everyone was expecting fireworks.
When they finally met in person it was a total disaster. The guy was acting really awkward and there was no chemistry whatsoever. It was obvious that he was interested in her but she didn't feel the same way. There was a lot of awkward silence during the date and his lame attempts at humour only made the situation worse. You could easily tell from her body language that the date wasn't up to her expectations.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Queer Eye for the straight guy: An American reality TV show that takes place in New York City.

Queer: A slang term that means "h___sexual". Most often it is used to describe gay men. It is derogatory. ie. not a very nice word to use.

Straight: A slang term for a heterosexual person. Basically, men who like woman and woman who like men are considered to be "straight".

Fireworks: If you say that there were "fireworks" on a date, it means that both people were really attracted to each other. To put it another way it means they are "romantically interested" in each other.

Chemistry: Saying that there was "chemistry" between two people on a date also means that they had romantic interests in each other. This girl would probably say about this guy, "He is a really nice guy and I like him as a friend, but there was no chemistry on our date".

Sometimes "chemistry" can be used to mean, "work well together".

That basketball team has a lot of great individual players, but they keep losing because they don't have any chemistry.
(It means they don't play well together as a team)

Awkward silence: Awkward silence describes this situation; Imagine two people are on a date and they are both feeling uncomfortable because they can't think of anything to say to each other. This time seems to last a long time. This uncomfortable time period is called an "awkward silence".

Imagine if a couple that had lived together just broke up. One of them is packing their things and getting ready to move out of the house. They both feel sad but say nothing to each other. This time period is called an "awkward silence"

Body language: Body language refers to what information people give out with the position of their bodies. For example, if a guy approaches a girl and the girl moves away or turns away, it is obvious from her body language that she is not interested in him.

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