Marta Sánchez Sexy Look (English Version) Lyrics

s__y, s__y look
s__y, s__y look
A woman in man, is hard for me to understand.
In your secret room, your clothes, your hair go through a change.
In the street is where your fantasy takes over.

s__y, s__y look.
The way you smile, the way you walk.
s__y, s__y look.
It's in your eyes.
s__y, s__y look.
It's all of you, your heart and soul.
s__y, s__y look.
I want to see you happy.

It's your choice alone, cool crew wants to follow you.
I don't really care, you play the part and fool the world.
You've become is so exciting.

s__y, s__y look ...
...s__y, s__y look. You know it's true
s__y, s__y. s__y, s__y, s__y... s__y...Look.

s__y, s__y. s__y, s__y, s__y... s__y... Look.
s__y, s__y look ... You know it's true. Yeah.

Girl,I want to see you happy. You know it's true 'cause I want to see you happy...

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