Black Kids Hit the Heartbreaks Lyrics

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Call the ghost in your underwear.
Call the ghost in your underwear who?
Call the ghost in your underwear "boo".
It's fine, all right, you can stay the night,
but please be gone by next morning's light.
Oh, please don't pout.
Don't cause a scene.
Oh, babygirl, don't be mad at me.

Oh, boo, what can I do?
It's not me, yeah, it's you.
You've been hittin' the heartbrakes hard.
It ain't no use, cos we're still gonna crash,
cos you're still keeping after me.
It's flattering, but really!

Every summer you disappear.
Cos it's so sticky in the Dirty South.
It's hot as b____.
Hey now, watch your mouth!

I must repeat: I think you're sweet.
But ain't no way that I'm gonna meet
your mother, your father,
your dog or your brother,
your nephew and niece, girl,
I just can't be bothered.

Hit the heartbrakes.
Hit the heartbrakes.
Hit the heartbrakes.
Hit the heartbrakes, baby,
you're driving crazy.

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