IllScarlett First Shot Lyrics

"Play this record as frequently as possible,
then as it becomes easier for you,
play the record once a day or as needed"

"Here's my advise to all amateurs planning to give a performance"

"Yeah, its going to be real wicked"

Heading down a road and I don't see nothin
but I'm in control,
at least that's what I've been told,
have I been mislead

Think I found a meaning in the stuff that I'm believing,
until it can't be told,
tell me is there any point,
to sing this song at all

I've been waiting as my future's faded,
Next time I'll finish you myself
Next times and broken dreams,
nothing's what it seems,
I'll still beat 'em
this ain't over
No retreat and no surrender

First shot you can tell me,
I won't tell,
I been looking for another song to sell,
I work so well

Face the facts,
there's no way you're getting out of this,
Face this hack as a die coming along,
Next time I'll see you!


Time's up theres no use running,
It's too late to find a way,
to get away,
oh just a little, oh just a little too late,
Dead stocks with haunting grace,
and with a shaman heara callin' out my name


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