Quinton Hermsen Kanye West - Put On Lyrics

I put ooooooon
I put ooooooon
I put ooooooon
I put ooon for my city i put on for my
I put on for my city i put on for my city

I feel like its still n_____s that owe me cheques
I feel like its still b____es that owe me s__
I feel like butniggers dont know these stress
I lost the only girl in the world that know me best
I got the money and the fame, and I dont meen s___
I got the jezus on the chain, man that dont meen s___
cuz when the jezus peaces cant bring me peace joh
I need just, at least uh, one of russels kneeses ooooon
I let my nightmares go, I put ooon every body i knew from the dow
I know ho's that was frontin' when they knew he was broke
they say "d___, easy easy, you dont know us no more"
you got that big fame homey, and you just changed on me
you can ask big homey, at the top so lonely, aieaaaahaaaai
so lonely, aieaaaahaaaaiiiiiii
let me see what we have tonight,
what we have tonight
Im high as a satellite,
I see those flashing lights,
flashing lights
cuz every night,
every night I put on

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