50_cent-16-power_of_the_dolla Lyrics

Ya'll n____s wanna get high, well we gonna get high then
This s___ right here is drugs, ya'll for sell baby
50 Cent uh, take it how you wanna take it n____

[Verse 1]
Yo aiyyo, aiyyo, there is six different wings in the spot, choose one
Some get addicted, some do it for fun
Boy my hoes are clean, just like my guns
And I keep them in a safe place, just like my funds
I keep all my big bills, give my wifey the ones
Frontin' and I'll clap your a__ and leave you for dead son
n____s who know me, know how I get down, I'm fresh out the pound
NYPD crit the flip, get on some New York undercover s___
f___ wit dogs you ain't familiar wit, and get bit
n____s scripted through the hit, for some paper and s___
It's all about the cash, keep it in a stash
Some n____s talk s___ wit they a__, I see through them like glass
Popo lookin' for me, for some s___ I did in the past
If you don't like me at first, I'm gonna grow on you like a rash
This rap s___, I got it in smash, I'm built to last
Feel the wrath, I bust that a__, sit back and laugh (haha)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You don't have to respect a n____, but respect his cash
Cause for the money, n____s will murder that a__
I came up fast, I watched a lot of gats blast
The power of the dollar (the cash, the cash)

[Verse 2]
n____ don't you ever forget, I call the shots
I run the spots, extort your pops, flossin' drops
I'm "Livin Off Xperience" like Lox, I'm hot
Check what I got, shorty got knocked
Comin' up out the capsule spot
On the uptown block, he couldn't run from the cops
So my man got shot
In a jet black Brasada, across the street from his mom's crib on his block
I told him get them n____s that cash, they murdered that a__
n____s told 'em slow down, he was movin' too fast
Heard the shot, went through his face after the glass, he crashed
Hit the three on his n____s grass, the cattle said it got low fast
The kid who had it done was a crude fella
Who woulda thought he wile out over that mozzarella
We ain't know them, but now we know better
Not to f___ with his cheddar, his man pack a beretta
He won't hesitate to squeeze that, over that green back
Believe that, now n____s know that he's back


[Verse 3]
I ain't got a worry in the world, if it's beef, don't sing it, bring it
Parents warn their kids, about people like me
I'm out of order, I turn your only daughter, into a transporter
Before I die, I'm gonna see more blow than Rich Porter (woo)
50 Cent, don't get it f___ed up for greens, I for greens
Let it go back to Smith, I dissect it
I check and correct it, flow perfected
I make s___ hectic, I wreck s___, n____ check it
If you ain't tryin' to feel the flames from the blast
Respect a n____ cash
My smile will rock n____s to sleep, pack heat
f___ the police, handle beef on the street
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 9 with 2 MM's
If your man want to get involved, I'll bring it to him
n____s been wantin' me dead, I'm still here kid
They send their dogs to come get me
They wet s___, but they ain't hit me
Word in the hood is 50, shifty
n____s they don't want to go against me
Cause they know I hunt your a__ alive


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