Roots Manuva 2. Awfully Deep Lyrics

[Chorus: Roots Manuva]
Things are gettin, Awfully Deep
Awfully Deep, I can't get no sleep
Things are gettin, Awfully Deep
Awfully Deep, Awfully Deep

[Verse 1]
I don't do mind games, I'm frame by frame
I'm eighteen bits, I'm fourty-eight hertz
My favourite tie-tie 'til my nicky [?]
My flirt tac-tics are so d___ sublime
MY long-john greased with slippery slime
My prime cut, move ya b___, twist ya nut
From ya don't know issht then keep ya mouth shut
Hut one, hut two, hut three and hut four
A terrible phase is spendin' money wi' w____s
A pastor say we shouldn't do that s___
so we sit down, reflect all the sins we commit
How many Hail Marys cut down on the dairy?
Away with the fairies, how much do my fare be?
Two travelcards, my life's so hard
I don't know my inch, from my foot to my yard
[?] my body card, make you part of me, pa


[Verse 2]
My sanity's back on the line again
Last year, I said I wouldn't rhyme again
But I'm, back for punishment, time again
If I should lose my good mind again
Tell my management not to waste good money
Sendin' me away to the farms of the funny
Them places only make me worse
they full'a, crooked doctors and kinky nurses
that poke you in the a___, and measure your s______
Put that tape measure down, that practice is wrong
They thought I didn't know what was goin' on
But I, knew the crew [?] was strong
Claw-polma, oxidisa-what?
Tell me doctor, why I got purple snot
I'm feelin' happy when I know I'm sad
and now they wanna certify me mad


[Verse 3]
They said, "Mr Smith, please calm down
We're not here to hurt you
You're feeling a little bit paranoid
Your brain is over-heating
You're overworked, you're underpaid
and your body's taken a beating"
And I said "You're not seein' things, like how I'm seein' things
I'm seein' things that I don't wanna see
I see the devil sit right before me
Fire in his eyes as he spoke to me"
Blinked, I blinked and I pinched myself
I screamed for Jesus but it was no use
I had to face my, (awful) painful truth
Voodoo in the hills, and I'm runnin' from ghosties
Lightin' up the candles as the spooks approach me
Voodoo in the hills, and I'm runnin' from ghosties


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