Stormwarrior The Holy Cross Lyrics

Wise men have come to seal our fate
Salvation they'd bring to free northern land
Pray to our Lord now, ye all shall be sav'd
Or taste the steel drawn by our sanctified hands

Forefather's wisdom, oh Runatyr's rites
The tales of the hammer, now witchery's signs
Elderly feasts, herectical lore
They fear anciente symbols, the great runes of yore

Hell, d___ation
The saviour's on his way
Hell and fire
The holy cross shall burn down to hell

We will never resign to the holy cross
Never bow down to their lord
We'll never defect to the holy cross
The hammer's our guide
We'll never kneel down to the cross

Wise men have come to seal our fate
Salvation they'd bring, we all shall be sav'd
Forces of darkness have pav'd all their ways
Conversion by violence, now a foreign god we praise


I am the lord, thy god
(Hallow'd be thy name)
Thou shalt have no other gods before me
(Thy kingdom come)
For I, the lord, thy god am a jealous god
(Hallow'd be thy name)
and the god will not hold him guiltless
that taketh his name in vain
(thy kingdom come)

I'll show mercy unto them that keep my commandments
(thy will be done)
Art thou willing to praise me?
(Yes Master...!)
(Deliver us from evil)
(Hallow'd be thy name)

...for thine is the kingdom
the power and the glory


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