Jon Young City I Love Lyrics

[Intro (Wes Fif):]
Welcome to Orlando
Where the music jam slow
Welcome to Orlando
Folk we off the chain

[Chorus (Jon Young):]
This one right here is for the city I love
(Representing for the O-town baby)
For all my folks in the O
On the block ridin' chrome slammin' big body do'z
I'm doi'n this thang for y'all
Orange County up to seminole this fo' my dawgz
West Orange County)
This for the 4 0 7
The 4 0 7

[Verse 1 (Jon Young):]
Crank up tha Chevy baby
Gotta hit tha block mayne
Diz how we do in tha O
We ride on chrome thangz

We jam that **** slow
Jus like sum Texas folks
Switchin' lanes and grippin' oak
Ridin' clean even though we broke

From apk to the Hillz
Bitholo to Sanford
I claim it all as my block
Some say that's absurd

But I represent fo' my city
Cuz we the trealeast dude
Quick to buck we don't give a f___
And ride around on them 22s

There ain't no place like it
We got so much pride
In the club reppin' Blocks
Like Ivey & Mercy drive

We draped in county colors
Black t's and orange d___iez
We all reppin' tha choppy
From Easty to West Fifty

[Verse 2 (Jon Young):]
You can find me over at j mart or magic mall
Or on the corner, wit tapez, whatchu got mayne I got it all
Whatchu know 'bout the O-town hustle, 5 fo' the 20 deal
Or if the broad lookin' good, half off that's real

We all some hustlas on a chase to get that paper
Dawgman, Wes Fif, and treal white dawg you know pop a pill

Yea we makin' hits, street **** fo y'all to bang
We screamin' **** a major all the way to the f___in' bank

We know who to thank we ain't forget our folks
That's why we the realest mayne holla at ya boy while I'm on them spokez
This fo' the countys mayne orange and seminole
Jon Young you know the name always reppin' fo the O

So put in this in ya deck regular or chopped and slowed
Cut the wheel and open up them do'z while the paint drip on the flo'

We ridin' 24s nuttin' less than 22s
So clear the way mayne my city's comin' through

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