Miguel Escueta Close To Edge Lyrics

A glimmer of hope is what this is
You've given me much reasons to believe
As we exchange seeminly warm glances
I try to act within the context of circumstance

Driving into the sunset of a regular day
The sky starts to glow in a different way
The usual the typical have now become special
And then reality pulls me from drowning further

So close to the edge
But you and I know that we can't fall
So close to the edge
As heart and reason keep colliding
So close to the edge
Maybe I should just rise above this all
So close to the, I am so close to the edge

Did I ever tell you that you make me breathe?
Breathe in a way that keeps me up at night

Probably not coz this just won't flow with the current
But know that I'd give anything to make it so
You've got an invitation to my heart
It's racing, it's racing
Would it be right of me to make it?
Would it be right for you to take it?

(Repeat Chorus)

So for tonight, just for tonight
Let me tell you,
Let me tell you everything
But when this night ends lets not speak of this again
Let's not speak of this again

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