50 cent What up gangster Lyrics

G-Unit (bo)
We in here (bo)
We can get the drama popping
We don't care (bo,bo,bo)
It's going down (bo)
'Cause I'm around (bo)
50 Cent, you know how I gets down (Down)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
What up, blood? (What)
What up, Cuz? (What)
What up, blood? (What)
What up, Gangstaaa?

[Verse 1]
They say I walk around like got an "S" on my chest
Naw, that's a semi-auto, and a vest on my chest
I try not to say nothing, the DA might want to play in court
But I'll hunt or duck a n____ down like it's sport
Front on me, I'll cut ya, gun-b___ ya or buck ya
You getting money? I can't get none with ya then f___ ya
I'm not the type to get knocked for D.W.I.
I'm the type that'll kill your connect when the c__e price rise
Gangstas, they b__p my s___ then they know me
I grew up around some n____s that's not my homies
Hundred G's I stash it (what), the mack I blast it (yeah)
D's come we dump the diesel and battery acid
This flow's been mastered, the ice I flash it
Chokes me, I'll have your mama picking out your casket, b______
I'm on the next level, Breitling baguette bezel
Benz pedal to the metal, hotter than a tea kettle, blood (what)

[Chorus (1st time w/o first "What up, Blood?") (2x)]

We don't play that
We don't play that
We don't play that (G-Unit)
We don't play around

[Verse 2]
I sit back, twist the best bud, burn and wonder
When gangstas b__p my s___, can they hear my hunger?
When the 5th kick, duck quick, it sounds like thunder
In December I'll make your block feel like summer
The rap critics say I can rhyme, the fiends say my dope is a nine
Every chick I f___ with is a dime
I'm like Patty LaBelle, homie, I'm on my own
Where I lay my hat is my home, I'm a rolling stone
Cross my path I'll crush ya, thinking I won't touch ya
I'll have your a__ using a wheelchair, cane, or crutches
Industry hoes f___ us, in the hood they love us
Stomp a bone out your a__ with some brand new chuckas

[Chorus (2x)]

[Bridge (4x)]

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