Dj Onur vs.Blero Sexy Moves Lyrics

I see you.
I hope you see me too.
I like to see your s__y groove
s__y s__y s__y moves
when you whisper in my ear
all the thing I want to hear
And I need youuuuuu
And I wanna have ya tooooo

You toch me lalala
You kiss me lalala lalalalaalal (2x)

Now when i'm reminicing about the things we used to do
i realize i still love you baby i do
and i'm waiting for you to come back
to put my life back on track
All the flashbacks of you and me together
make me want to spend my life with you forever
and ever
baby i'm here for eternity

can't you see we were meant to be baby
i wanna be with you baby
oh baby can't you see
i need you now


uu boy


I like your s__y style....
cmong get me get me wild ...

uuuuuuuuuuu yeah

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