Scandal I Am The Warrior Lyrics

You run, away
It's your heart...that you betray
Feeding on...your hungry eyes
I bet you're not so civilized

Well, isn't love..primitive
A wild gift...that you wanna give
Break out of captivity
And follow me, stereo jungle child
Love is the kill.....your heart's still wild

Shootin' at the walls of heartache, bang, bang, I am the warrior
Well I am the warrior, and heart to heart you'll win..if you survive
the warrior....the warrior

You talk, talk, you talk to me
Your eyes touch me physically
Stay with me, we'll take the night
As passion takes another bite

Who's the hunter...who's the game?
I feel the your name
I hold you victory
Idon't wanna tame your animal style..
you won't be the call of the wild....

Repeat Chorus

Shootin' at the walls of heartache (shootin' at the walls of heartache)
The warrior.....
I am the warrior, and heart to heart you'll win...if you survive
The warrior...the warrior

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