Ghost Dance Celebrate Lyrics


And in the here and now
Where the dream is sold
I lay my money down
And so the truth is told
Is it a crime oh say it isn't so
Killing time the only way I know

And when it all comes down
No matter what they say
The truth can still be found
When nothing else remains
While others wait for guidance from above
We celebrate our love, love, love

Celebrate, celebrate open your heart
Celebrate, celebrate open your heart
And let the feeling flow
Don't stand and look for words to say
Forget all that you know
Celebrate this final day

Only now, now I can see your face
Tonight is ours, let tomorrow wait


And on this hallowed ground
We've come to call our home
We build a wall of sound
And stand or fall alone

It shines unseen
In my heart I know it's right
Shine for me this starless night


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