Sneak And Another Thing Lyrics

My brain is stabbing in the dark
Burning strain to melt my heart
This God like overkill, it turned me on
My TV screen just overflowed
With bullsh*t and pathetic prose
Can't seem to shake the memory of that dream

You talk too fast, and another thing
That face won't last, and another thing
You've stolen my past, you wanna hear another thing
You crashed my car, and another thing
We've gone too far, and another thing
Stop laughing so hard, that's another thing

Crawled inside your gaping mouth
Just to throw myself about
Then I disappeared down your throat
You're fair and oh so beautiful
Sold out unavoidable
So what's a boy in l___ supposed to do

Your foot in my mouth, and another thing,
Can't work you out, and another thing
It's what you're about, you fell asleep
You look so bored, and another thing
You start to yawn, and another thing
While I'm still here, why am I still here'

And my head beneath your feet
The only time I felt complete
Then you pinned me to the bedroom floor
How could I ask for more'
Your choke hold made it very hard to breathe

You spent my pay
You always got your way
You knew what to say, to get around it
And another thing
Never listened to me, and another thing
You were so happy, and another thing
Not insecure, and another thing,
Not like me, and another thing
You stole my clothes, and another thing
You broke my nose, and another thing
That really hurt me, and another thing, that really hurt me
Don't feel so bad, and another thing
I'm not that mad, and another thing
It was the best time I ever had, and another thing

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