Comerica The Looking-Glass Self Lyrics

Divine to us all
Seeking knowledge of goodness and grief
Don't call for it all
Breathing the air of your sin and regret

Your'e hands are filthy
Woah! And my body is numb
Your'e fading slowly
Fading away from us

You're comin with me

We go by the book
Treading blood from the hook of a failure

The eye of the hawk prevails the strength of awareness
May you be so aware of what lies ahead of you

Home, Home! Your'e comin home
like a martyr you swear its for Him
creations comin to make you love Him
So hold your ground, and wear your crown
like a martyr you swear you love Him
creations comin to make you love Him

constant quarelling
Steady your grip to the throne of the Lord
Your tainted hearts made of bloodlust and power
Are only thoughts are the ones that are broad
patterns of death will portray what becomes of them!
What becomes of them

Take rotten lines, retrace the animal
Hunt em down, let em bleed

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