Tim Rex Feat. Graziella Alive (Dj Luis ErRe Tribe Circuit Radio Mix) Lyrics

Beautiful (screaming continious)

You bring out the best of what's burried inside (Burried inside)
and I must confess that it's no surprise (no surprise)
You helped me up when I couldnt stand (couldnt stand)
Now my world is completely in your hand (in your hand)
Feels like a paradise when you call my name (Call My name)
and your eyes can shine in the pouring rain (Pouring rain)
You pleased my mind for the very start (Very Start)
and now I finally know we will never apart (never apart)


Tonight I feel Alive
Now that you, in my Life (repeat x 4)

The love(vile?) for you is my soul
And it grows every day out of control
When in your arms we're finally one
Its a place of my life I've never known
reached into my heart when I fell astray
and toughed me so I had to be safe
I spend my life trying to return
this love
This love... Makes me Up

Tonigh I feel Alive
now that you, in my life

Beatiful (screaming continious)

(b____ess is Astherd Again posting the lyric)

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