Judy Aron Here We Are Lyrics

I can't believe it's true.
For all these years, I dreamed of you.
And now the time has finally come,
when you and I will be joined as one.
We'll stand beneath the stars and say
"Here we are".

I've been waiting for so long.
Through people who weren't right for you and timing's always wrong.
But even when all seemed lost
I knew that our stars were crossed.
We'll gather friends from afar and say
"Here we are".

With the vows, the rings and the kiss -
You and I will promise.

I imagined it this way.
We couldn't ask for a more picture perfect day.
And though I can't wait to being our lives together,
I wish this moment could last forever.
When the music starts, we'll hold our hands to our hearts and say
"Here we are."

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