Judy Aron Still Lyrics

I know that I messed up,
And sorry doesn't mean a thing.
Try to explain, But
no one's listening
Drove around for miles -
Talked to myself a while -
Still I see your smile -

Felt the door slam in my face.
Heard you walking far away.
Last words echo in my mind
With what I should've said.
I wish I had a choice -
I'd drown myself in noise -
'Cuz I still hear your voice -

Never asked for much - and didn't get it
If you ever cared at all, you hid it
So why am I still haunted by your silhouette?
I hear your voice in every sound I make
Why am I still knocking on your door for hours
Hoping that you'll take the pain away.

If we can't go back to how it was before,
Then I guess it's time to move on.
Don't know where I'll go, see which way the wind blows -
So far I only feel the cold.
I never meant to doubt you -
I miss everything about you -
I can't live without you -

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