Pacha Man feat. Yolo Crazy Lyrics

Sunt atat de crazy, nebun de legat
Incat psihiatrul meu a devenit psihopat
Managerul meu artistic psihic a cedat
La fel si cativa rapperi pe care i-am amenintat
Daca tu crezi ca poti ca sa sustii competitia
Tine-te bine, fiule, eu te sec ca malnutritia
Stilul meu te excita ca s__ul la 898989
Iar beat-urile mele narcotice te fac sa fumezi o iarba noua
Am flow, ha, am tigidy blow, me never say no, ah
Oriunde ma gasesti if you just f*ck around me blow ya,
I know ya, you're just like them
Tryin' to f*ck me in the park
But you know what, I will make sure you get shot
f*ck that, yo, nobody body f*ck with mine
If I represent this s___ I have to protect mine
If I know this voice across the line, play with you like blind, motherf*cker
This is the first and the last time.

This is a crazy motherf*cker named Pacha,
The original rasta, the original gangsta
This is a crazy rude bwoy
F*ck with him and you die
Motherf*cker, don't try.

c__ se transforma cocaina din praf in crack
Ma transform cand sunt pe scena si te fac sa dai din cap
Pe stil de ragga sau de rap ma descurc la fel de bine
Se creeaza agitatie in multime cand Pacha Man intervine
La microfon sunt un adevarat terorist, ?? cool a___ist
I smoke a lot of cannabis
You've seen me with my click, how we pop emceez like this
Ca job we never miss, before the job but we jobless
Baga la cap ce-am zis, bwoy, you should never diss
Un rasta man care-a crescut in regim comunist
Care facea bani gramada inainte sa devina artist
Eu nu sunt parazit sau vreun fel de mafiot
I'm a rasta, gangsta, see the difference between us
I've been locked up, three years and a half in the past
Now I pass for the microphone MC very fast
I'm free like a bird in a da' streets and I see
Some motherf*ckin' studio-rappers tryin' to f*ck with me
Don't worry 'cause for my glory I do what's necessary
I'll blow your motherf*ckin' a__, b____, in a hurry.
(Hurry, motherf*cker !)


Tell 'im miss, a miss eh, tell 'em, no
Make 'em know when we come ourselves we gone really bone,
Even we ring but miss we have to turn them home
Dismiss them quick as we are off next gone
Da brown soldier respect all 'em on,
Me and Pacha Man are gonna' run them home
We pull on when we ride girls come all are gone
Gal one shot, one fat, one slim once
Hit 'em watta then lock this och, Sean,
Watcha ma' new yan tan pan de run
Hey, they say tan, pan de run,
Yes, and they say tan pan de run.
But, man they say my flow might put their blood on the fire
Commin' on dismissed blood...
Blood fire...

Don't stop, nïgga'...

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