Jamiroquai Stillness In Time (Vinyl Version) Lyrics

Written by Jay Kay and Toby Smith

There's a stillness in time
Which I cannot define
Does your heart bleed like mine
Oh does your heart yearn
For a place we can go
Where the troubles of our time are far away
Hey they're so far away
And I had all my life in front of me
Now my darkest days are trouble free
There are so many wondrous things for you to see

If you find that something is going wrong
Look around at what you're running from
You can wait a thousand years in line for that stillness in time

Oh yeah
I felt love in that way
And I'm never sad and I'm always glad
Anything you give me today
I will be thankful for
People find it hard to be strong
Cos they don't know where they're coming from
There was nothing i could do but hang on
For that stillness in time

If this world is turning too much for your head
Just remember happy times comes running still
Guess i have to search the s___es of my mind
For that stillness in time

I know that this
Is peripheral side of bliss
There is no me
For the love i have will stay the same
I have done wrong
If i don't know where i'm coming from
Ever knows he
The things that are inside me
A part of me In front of me
Oh say its all around me
Say i know
Say i want to find that stillness in time
Stillness in time

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