'I hate loving you' in studio KARYN GARCIA.wmv Lyrics

I see no light in the dark of my world
These days are so gray and my prayers have no meaning
So hard to explain understand, what is love?
I mix all my senses my body and my soul
I just can't explain all these nights I've been dreaming
Your skin and your eyes make my cry make me fly
All night and day I can feel you are here
Telling me things, words I don't wanna hear
Oh baby who can say what I can do
Everytime you look at me
I'll try to pretend that I'm all aright
I promise myself I'll try
Please tell me lies walk away make me crazy
Make everything that you fell that you should
But something bad, make me sad make me blue
At least to forget to stop loving you
It's not enough if you don't wanna love me
I can't control what I wish what I feel
There are thousand reasons but I don't change my heart
My sin, my love, how I hate loving you

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