Deez Nuts Fair Weather Fans Lyrics

Things aint the same as the used to be
Dont see the same faces that i used to see
Aint the same love at shows that there used to be
I'll tell you why right now to many f___in fakes G.
That aint a scene it's a GOD d___ DISGRACE!

All you f___in fair weather fans
When a bands hot you're all upon the merch stand
When a bands not you're all upon the broadband talking s___ online
Like anybody give's a f___
You're out your mind

f___ THAT s___. EAT d___ b____
Keep talking that s___
Dont nobody wanna hear it

All you f___in new jacks hating
What the f___ have you done?
Need to stop runnin your mouth
Start havin some fun
This aint a game to us we f___in play for keeps
It's been said before but talk is cheap

That aint a scene it's a GOD d___ DISGRACE!

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