Gardens of Gehenna Demon's Diaspora Lyrics

and me,
as demons dance between
the stars and our secrets,
I am the centre of the world.
So woe betide you,
woe betide you.

and me,
as olden gods grow stronger,
I am the one who knows about
the fire burning cold and cruel.
and in my redness I shall rule.

if you could see what's in my head,
what would you be looking for?
what would you expect to find,
and what if it was not there?

and me,
as all the world grows blind,
I will see that proud you wear my sign.
so I will recognize you then
and you will drink the blood of doom.

if you could see my visions grow
would you believe in what I see?
and will you follow me then, blind?
and what if we will reach the end?

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