Pentagram Tidal Wave Lyrics

[by Joe Hasselvander and Bobby Liebling]

Breakers falling hard with power fit to break your neck
stone cold ice filled waters that night would bring ship wreck
and all the crew on duty were confined to low deck
not much longer for all around would fold and beckon to the hand of
the tidal wave
stuck in the no win cave
it was a breathless grave
to feel the tidal wave with not a soul to save
how many fathoms hosted how much bone
for such a large sized family there'd be no home
were only separate bodies and parts left to float on foam
and soon the blue and green skin tone all left to comb after the
tidal wave
stuck in no win cave
it was a breathless grave
for each gave his soul to serve the tidal wave
was a tidal wave
they heeded underground
to hear the void of sound
and never to be found
none would remain to teach there was a contract breach
and while they prayed for beach the structure had no lease
so as they head for rocks and cliffs steered towards the siren's sound
applaud a blinding light no more would they see the light
they headed further down
to greet the tidal wave
and find the softer ground
now all were to be drowned
they were Atlantis bound

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