The Livid Watch it die Lyrics

Once again, you say I'm mocking
Pardon me but I'm merely talking
Close my eyes and count the sheep
Lying here where I'm sure to weep
But there's something deep inside that
Makes me wanna think, am I really the weakest link?
There's something in your eyes that seems to let me know
You know a lot more than you wanna show

But deep inside I'm breaking down
I can't take it when you're not around
Makes me sick when you tell a lie
Causing s___ as you watch it die

All is stolen, even my own folks are leaving
Not a sound â€" looks like there's no-one else around
Not a spoken reason, it's not myself I'm pleasing
Look around â€" seems happiness just can't be found

Here again I've trouble walking
Head down â€" the laughter is mocking
In this hole I feel the heat
In a place where I'll always weep
But there's something in the sky that
Makes me wanna drink to the point where I cannot think
Something in my mind that seems to let me know
There's only one place where I'm meant to go

I'm still crying in my bed at night
Why do I bother putting up a fight?
Should I crawl into a corner
And let myself explode?
Should I even try to make believe
I have dreams that I can still achieve?
Should I just sit tight and watch it die
Ascending to the sky?

Let myself explode

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