[The Game]
Huh, n____z think they got the game sewed, yeah right
I'm air tight, fresh in them Air Nikes
If the Navi outside, I might be there
Black hoodie, black 9, black wifey airs
Rock guns like Caddy trunks, keep a spare
You see the lump under the Iceberg fleece and gear
And when the beef cook, I'ma put the piece to your head
And if you see a white truck that mean yo' sheets is dead
Then I'm goin goin, back back
to the block to dump the bucket and jump in the drop
n____z know I'm good with the glock, they call me Chick Hearns
Cause if the game on knot, I'm callin the shots
I'll wear a shiny suit for a minute like I'm The LOX
Then get gangster with a swap meet bag and a Jordan box
And when I die, bury me with the glock, and a bucket of shells
In case n____z want drama in hell

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I'll give you anything you ask fo' - money over b____es
Tell me what'chu blast fo' - f___ around with snitches
What you had to smash fo' - n____z tried to play me man
(1) Anything you ask fo' - all about this Bay game
(2) Anything you ask fo' - representin Bay game

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