Control Evidently Chicken Town (live) Lyrics

the f___ing pubs are f___ing dull
the f___ing clubs are f___ing full
of f___ing girls and f___ing guys
with f___ing murder in their eyes
a f___ing bloke is f___ing stabbed
waiting for a f___ing cab
you f___ing stay at f___ing home
the f___ing neighbors f___ing moan
keep the f___ing racket down
this is f___ing chicken town
the f___ing pies are f___ing old
the f___ing chips are f___ing cold
the f___ing beer is f___ing flat
the f___ing flats have f___ing rats
the f___ing clocks are f___ing wrong
the f___ing days are f___ing long
it f___ing gets you f___ing down
evidently chicken town

(thank you, good night)

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