Ruff Ryders feat. Flashy & Akon Stay Down Lyrics

[Chorus- Akon] (Flashy)
How many days we gonna live our life struggling on the streets (c'mon)
How many days we gotta live our life (what?) searching for a way to eat
(You gotta) You gotta stay down stay down just to see a brighter day (day)
Stay down stay down just to live a better way (c'mon)
Stay down stay down just to live a brighter day (what?)
Stay down stay down just to live a better way

How many blacks gotta die by the hands of another
Don't you understand that man's the same color so that man is your brother
That's what happens when that man is from the gutter (uh-huh)
And that man is a hustler trying to survive, moving grams of that b___er
See, his momma was a dope fiend, poppa was a rolling stone
he never knew what family was he grew up in a broken home
Ever since twelve years old he was known as grown
'cause ever since twelve years old he was on his own
And even though it seemed like school was the best plan
his only choice was distributing the rock like Def Jam
While everybody else was getting diplomas
he graduated from the middle of the strip to the corner
But I don't knock him cause he tryin to bubble
there's no food on the table, the rents past due and that's why he hustles
and I ain't sayin that its right to be dealin
All I'm sayin is I feel him I guess
I just see eye 2 eye wit his struggle you know


Now baby girl's got a promising future (huh?)
But her moms passed away while she was younger and her father's a loser
He'd always abused her but what else you expect from a coward
He wasn't even proud when she got accepted to Howard
And even though she loves college everyday it would stress her
but it wasn't cause of exams or she hate her professor
it was her financial situation here she couldn't pay a semester
And the only means of making it better was totally reversing the role
lap dancing working that pole even though deep down its hurting her soul
And even if it meant taking off her clothes
she was down for what ever to help her accomplish her personal goals
And I ain't trippin off a-how shortie livin
She gotta pay her tuiton put food in the kitchen and that's why she strippin
and I ain't sayin I agree with her job but s___ times is hard
I guess I just see eye to eye with her vision you know


Now see the moral of the story is this
if you ain't tryin to help stop our troubles then don't knock our hustle
cause really at the end of the day its not ya'll struggle
but you always got something to say
well hear this f___ you
Yeah that's right I'm talking to you come try to sleep in our beds
eat off our plates, take a walk in our shoes
look at the world from our view try to live by our rules
drink the same water we do, put your kids in our schools
I guarantee you won't maintain your health you'll probably try to end it all
and hang yourself or bang yourself
You couldn't possibly understand all pain we felt
and without folding your hands play the games we dealt
I'm being real I ain't tryin to be evil
Look how we live, look how ya'll live
c'mon be serious how is we equal
Matter fact I feel I'm wasting my time
I'm finished writing this rhyme
Ya'll never gonna see eye to eye with my people you know


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