Paul Wall ft. Mark G & Kyle Lee My Life Lyrics

[Hook - 4x]
Y'all don't know a thing, about my life
(my life) my life (my life)

[Kyle Lee]
In my life, a lot of haters talking s___
And I might, expose you hoes you out this b____
And I ride, with the nine I won't fall or slip
If I die, they still will not get off my d___
But I try, to survive like Destiny's Child
And I smile, cause they been trying to test me a while
But I cry, cause not all my partnas alive
But I smile, cause I know all my partnas with God
In my life, a lot of haters baller blocking my shine
I stay calm, even though I ought to drop em a nine
In my life, I make cash using hoes
And my Sprite, is purple so I'm moving slow
On my side, my dogs moving rocks and hay
And I slide, by how I'm chopping blades
When I drive, I got a big cup of syrup
When I glide, I ride with a couple birds
In my life, I feel like I stand alone
But you still wouldn't leave, out of San Anton'
When I die, don't cry get high for me
So you can feel, like you flying in the sky with me

[Hook - 4x]

[Paul Wall]
In my life, I went from a straw hat to a crown
I been through a few up's, and a whole lot of downs
I take the good with the bad, however the ball bounce
And lately, I've been walking on dangerous ground
It feels like my own partnas, don't want me around
Cause everybody in my crew, be trying to argue me down
They telling me I changed, and I'm not the same
But for the past three years, I've been saying the same thang
I've done a lot of dirt, but I don't brag about it
And since I don't rap about it, you don't know jack about it
People see me being friendly, and they think they know me
But just cause I shake your hand, don't mean you my homie
I got a personality complex, man I'm so complex
But if you come with plex, this ain't fun plex
I'm walking straight, but my mind's in a maze
The only thing that I'm afraid of, is being afraid
I done stared death in the face, I ain't budge one inch
He here beating up myself, and I still don't flinch
Somebody pinch me, I hope I'm dreaming
I'm searching inside my heart, trying to find the meaning of my life

[Hook - 4x]

[Mark G]
Y'all don't know s___, about my life
It ain't all about the hoes, gold and ice
I go from down to up, up to down
In a blink of an eye, smiles turn to frowns
Kings get crowned, the rich get rich
Where everybody live, screaming life is a b____
I ball in the mix, and keep to myself
I don't just wanna be, another book on the shelf
A lot of y'all fakers, faking the game
I'm one of the real n____z, that's bringing the pain
I've seen hard times, so I spit hard rhymes
I've been around, different people of all kinds
And to this day, I got a few riddle friends
Too many of y'all, that's so fake and pretend
To be what you not, that's why you get got
Don't f___ with my life, that's all that I got

My life-my life-my life-my life, is all I got
f___ with my life-my life-my life-my life, and you will get dropped

[Hook - 4x]
Y'all don't know s___, about my life
(my life) my life (my life)

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