Snoop Dogg I Got Five On It (w/ Dre Lyrics

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Grab Your 40
Lets get Keyed
Messin with that Indo Weed

Who be first to catch this Beat Down?
My Rap Pages be The Source
Ego Trip remain victory, and no loss
Rap Sheet show you Details of wars in streets
Where the most live, catch Vibe and Blaze heat
Double XL kings who rush through, got Right On
Quick to Stress ya, sound crew to get a mic on
Math lets the plates Spin
Consecutive hits, promoters' face grin
The dawn catch fist, keep the paper direct wire, see MJ retire
Unlike the story that echoes out from chronic liars
Like those who feast on hogs, eat Murder Dogs
A Village Voice kid with his heart and soul calm
Killa bees produce the honey, that fortify the platinum
plus the DJ claws fiend to scratch them
Thus street team take shots at criticism

Well Hell
Me and Snoop we Dippin' again
Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baaabay!
Two loced out n____z so we're craaazy!

Our lifestyles be close captioned
addicted to fatal attractions
Pictures of actions be played back
in the midst of mashin'
No fairy tales for this young black male
Some see me stranded in this land of hell, jail, and crack sales
Hustlin' and heart be a n____ culture
or the repercutions while bustin' on backstabbin' vultures
Sellin' my soul for material wishes, fast cars
Wishin' I live my life a legend, immortalized in pictures
Why shed tears? Save your sympathy
My childhood years were spent buryin' my peers in the cemetary
Here's a message to the newborns, waitin' to breathe
If you believe then you can achieve
Just look at me

2000 G
Yo, I need an encore y'all, you should welcome me back
You wanna ball till you fall, I can help you with that
You want beef? I could let a slug melt in your hat
Cuz I'm a wild barbarian, too hard, I'm scarin' 'em
Century 21 Solar Eclipse
While you listenin' to the words that I wrote on the disc
Thelonius, my description is do-rags, pants sag down to my feet
AK is my heat, everyday in the street till I lay six feet
QB, PJs, and we playin' for keeps
Jewelry, cars and Jeeps is my motto
Four-fives with the Hollows, Silencers on the nozzles
Pop bottles with those who left here
The best years, wearin a bulletproof vest years
The aim for the head and chest years
What's your name? Make your name known
For the next year's
Better rep

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