Charles Manson Dream Train-My Oklahoma Angel Love Lyrics

When the day is done I go to bed
I place my hands beneath my head
Close my eyes twilight blue
And board my dream train back home to you
Back to you Luke the Drifter, Hank Williams
There was a time
When I was lonely and I was up and down the lonesome highway
And Lefty Frizzell... ten years ago on a cold dark night
The scaffold was here in eternal light
Someone was killed somewhere in the county jail
And it was a jailhouse rock for some other jammer
Who was jamming some c___ up somebody's nosehole
Now Elvis, the epitome of fake phony jive on freak
You made a laughing stock of country music
You took away my cowboy feet
You thought you had someone's heartbeat
But Lefty Frizzell and Hank Williams was riding that train
And then there was Woody Guthrie he used to sing
He'd sing them fools right to insane
Listening to the radio
My Oklahoma angel you know I know
We played the music down deep in the hole
You gave me just a little of your soul
And now left me down in the hole to get old
But it's all right angel love
My Oklahoma angel love
I remember when you taught me this song
Woke up this morning and I grabbed my shoes
Way out running to get the news
I looked in the paper the first thing I saw
Was an interruption
And then from that interruption that you see in the sound on this tape
We're gonna move around and try to get back in the groove, try to get
This done pretty soon.

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