Talib Kweli feat. Soulive Lyrics

(feat. Soulive)

[Talib Kweli]

Here I am
Step out on the block to face the sun
Creep the people in the village that raised my son
As far as days go this look like an amazing one
I feel more normal in the summer the same as the yankees won
It's like of course, what you expect less
The night about to kick off, foks is out in their best dress
Pimps and w____s rising on the horizon
Ballers coppin more diamonds
Watch the ?ferrion? looking towards Zion
What's embedded in the hardest head
It's the epic lie to me and debt to a
Country that gives us no credit
So cats stealin money cash hoes cuz
That's what's expected
What's the bill when the original architect is ?kinetic?
Mummies return, so dummies can learn
Just how much Hollywood got to burn
Of our money that's hard-earned
But that really ain't my concern
As I walk the block
When the sun goes down it starts to get hot

[Chorus X2]

Bridge to Bama
Bring your wife, your brother, your kids, your mama
(bring everybody) (your mammy)
s___s bananas (bananas)
The way we paint pictures in a vivid manner
(picture it)

[Verse 2]

Magnetic like refrigerator poetry
Attract imimators who wanna flow like me
You know it's me, floating free
Through the ghetto were the people supposedly
Ain't trying to show no love openly
Give me your hand (yeah)
Trying to build a bridge so we can stay the course
Hi-Tek lay the track for the train of thought to run across
Come across places were faces got tracks of tears
Cuz the human race been runnin up on they backs for years
Yeah, but they don't break
They keep it movin like when I travel the land
And people other people do it
How other people go through it
I'm bridging the gap like the Black Eyed Peas
I'm lovin givin it back, to see them raise up
I'm living for that
To keep trying means you keep failing
But if you don't keep trying
That means you keep dying
What the hell, we gonna die anyway
Keep your soul live when you're here
Is what I'm trying to say

[Chorus X2]
[adlib to end of the song]

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